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The Alaska Marketplace is multivendor storefront featuring authentic Alaska Native artwork and Made in Alaska products from across the Greatland.  We feature the best of what Alaska has to offer in celebration of what makes the Greatland’s artists and entrepreneurs truly unique.

While artwork available through Alaska Marketplace is created by both Alaska Native and non-native Alaskan artists, many are participants in Alaska’s Silver Hand program. The Silver Hand program, administered by the Alaska State Arts Council, helps Alaska Native artists promote their work while enabling consumers to identify authentic Alaska Native art.

Artwork created under this program is designated by the Silver Hand seal which indicates that the work has been created by an individual Alaska Native artist. Only original contemporary and traditional Alaska Native artwork, not reproductions or manufactured work, may be identified and marketed with the Silver Hand seal.

All manufactured products offered on the Alaska Marketplace are Made in Alaska items offered by companies across the Greatland.  The Made in Alaska program is managed by the State of Alaska’s Department of Commerce and was created to promote products made, manufactured, or handcrafted in the state.  Products part of the Made in Alaska program must meet the program’s 51% or more produced in Alaska criteria to utilize the Made in Alaska logo. These Made in Alaska marks serve both producers and consumers by certifying product authenticity. Look for the mother bear and cub logo as documentation that the product is Made in Alaska.

The Alaska Marketplace is maintained and managed by Greatland Grocery & Supply.  Greatland operates a mail order grocery service for rural Alaskans as its primary business activity and launched the marketplace as an ancillary service to further support those we serve.  Our objective is to help Alaska’s artists and entrepreneurs gain access to a larger market of consumers interested in Alaskan goods. We work to accomplish this through a robust and diverse online marketplace which celebrates the unique culture and spirit of the Greatland.

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