Jane Artist (Demo Account)
Savonga, AK 99769 (907) 555-5555 [email protected] www.janeartistdemo.com
I spend the majority of my time during the summer and periodically throughout the year at fish camp. If your order is received while I am away, shipping could be delayed for up to three weeks.

My work is inspired by the people and places connected to my Siberian Yupik heritage.  Working primarily with yellow cedar, I have been a mask maker for over 20 years.  Pieces incorporate found materials from across St. Lawerence Island along with baleen and ivory collected during seasonal subsistence activities.  My artwork has been featured across Alaska, most recently at the Anchorage Museum.  From time to time, I also produce custom commissioned pieces.  Please contact me if there are specific themes, materials, or design ideas you would be interested in discussing for a custom piece.

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